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about us



 The Association is a non-profit organization, duly registered in accordance with the laws of british Columbia


All B.C. Taxi Association Directors are duly elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


The Association deals with the Passenger Transportation Board of British Columbia (PTB), Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), Workers Compensation Board (WCB), Federal, Provincial and Local Governments. 


The Association was instrumental in bringing Bill-13, which dealt with exemption of municipality licensed taxis.  We have been successful in our lobbying to keep the taxi industry in BC regulated, so that it can remain financially viable, providing a safe, professional and courteous, taxi service at reasonable rates to the general public. 


The deregulation has proven to be a failure, which serves neither the purpose of the taxi industry nor the interests of the general public (ie. Seattle's attempt at deregulation failed and it was subsequently re-regulated).


We are dedicated to provide excellent service to people who are physically challenged by increasing the number of accessible vehicles.  The Association is facing a serious problem and has been seriously concerned about the General Authorization (GA) Vehicles. 


The GA vehicles are not regulated and can work anywhere, at any time, in any number in BC.  They can charge a customer any amount they want.  Recent events have shown that GA vehicles are moving into direct and destructive competition with the regulated taxi industry. 


The Association is also deeply concerned with the rising cost of insurance and workers compensation assessments.  The Association is fully concerned about the safety and security of the operators as well as its clients. 


We are continuously seeking to improve the safety standards in the taxi industry.  In the taxi industry there are thousands of small business entrepreneurs trying to survive and succeed.  A healthy and viable taxi industry is essential in achieving these goals.




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