June 4th, 2018 -

The Association applauds and fully supports the Transportation Minister Hon. Trevena's statement about a fair consultation with the taxi industry before reaching its final decision concerning TNC'S in B.C., ensuring that public safety is fully addressed.  The Association has stated that it has no problem with TNC's, provided they meet the same safety standards that the taxi industry meets.  The recent happenings in London, Montreal and in some parts of USA haven proven our point that our statements and advocacy concerning public safety were correct.  We fail to see why TNC's do not want to adhere to the higher safety standards.  Our members serve the general public without discrimination, the TNC's must do the same.

The Association fully supports the current Bill-55 passed by the NDP Party government which was enacted. Though, it still has to be put into regulations.  The Association has always officially stated that we do not have any issue of TNC's operating in the province provided they meet all safety standards.  Also, there should be an even playing field as taxis and CNC's are providing the same type of transportation service carrying passengers for a cost.  The TNC's must service the communities in the Province without any discrimination and simply not "Cherry Picking" their customers.

The BC Taxi Association is working hard to safeguard the economic viability of its members,  the entire British Columbia taxi industry , and the livelihood of thousands of drivers and their families, while continuously improving safety and customer service.