Annual General Election

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the BC Taxi Association was held on 21st may 2020 via Zoom.

Many important issues were discussed and the foremost issue was of Covid-19,  which has brought turmoil and near destruction to the taxi industry.

The primary concern has been and continues to be the acute shortage of taxi drivers, as well as the sharp decline of business. These are the extraordinary circumstances where due to social distancing, lock down and other government health directives, rules to safeguard the public against the dire danger of Covid-19, most of the taxi drivers are staying home for their sake, and their families and customers safety.

It was also stated that the Provincial Government has failed to keep their commitment to  us to bring the ride hailing in to the province ensuring public safety, an even playing field, and has suddenly woke up with the "slogan" of free enterprise.

The taxi industry cannot compete and survive with hands tied behind their back, with  the TNS companies having no boundries, and the taxi fleets not having the maximum utilization of their fleets, to avoid dead heading, green gas emissions, congestion and trying to put more money in the drivers pockets.

The government has declared the taxi industry as an essential service but has done nothing beside lip service to ensure safety with the supply chain for PPE. There has been no financial assist\ance from the government to implement the costly requirements.

We understand, support and have been willing to serve safely, and to put in our full share to serve the first responders, seniors and others with special circumstances in demanding times. The compensation issue was also discussed by the membership.

Election of the President

Mohan Kang was unanimously elected for the 22nd term to take the most serious responsibility in this most extra ordinary trying period to safeguard  the best interest of the Association members and families.

The BC Taxi Association is working hard to safeguard the economic viability of its members, the entire British Columbia taxi industry and the livelihood of thousands of drivers and their families, while continuously improving safety and customer service.