Support of Bill 55 and regulations

The Association has supported bill 55, with the understanding that it was done with the provision that  the mistakes done by other jurisdictions would not be repeated in British Columbia.

In our opinion,  the government's  goals of  public safety, the requirement for class 4 license, and proper criminal checks and NSC code requirements are important steps to competing on a level playing field however fall short in the following areas:

yet the government fell short of its commitment to a a level playing field in the following areas:

1. open access to all areas regardless in the Metro Vancouver area

2. Driver classification that does not meet the standards of the employment standards act

3. Due process for drivers to protect them from indiscriminate termination

By Allowing the TNS additional leeway in their operations in Metro Vancouver,  the taxi industry is left at a disadvantage in competing with the TNS.

We further have not seen the announcement for fleet size for the TNS, which could in fact flood the market. Nor has there been any indication of the rate structure they will need to follow.

The BC Taxi Association is working hard to safeguard the economic viability of its members, the entire British Columbia taxi industry and the livelihood of thousands of drivers and their families, while continuously improving safety and customer service.